News and Weather Sponsorships

Sponsor Fox News and/or Local Weather on Lakes Media Network stations to maximize your business or brand name at times of peak listener awareness.    Lakes Media offers an opportunity for advertisers to deliver a 10-second “billboard” before Fox Newscasts and/or Local Weather Reports four times per weekday between 6am and 7pm.   Listeners will hear your sponsorship message (“Fox News is powered by Jones Auto Sales, where you can by cars online at!”) and visitors to all Lakes Media station websites will see your sponsorship on the scroll at the top of station home pages 24/7.   Visitors clicking on your image will be directed to your web page.

Sponsoring Fox News and/or Local Weather creates enormous name awareness and drives huge on-air and online audiences to your web page, where you can close sales!



Contact us today so that we can begin building brand awareness and increased sales!