In order to make an advertising campaign successful, there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration. A great creative message without sufficient audience reach and frequency will fail – as will an effective reach and frequency campaign airing a misguided creative message.

We take responsibility for all of the necessary components:   

  1. Advertising copy and production elements
  2. Scheduling for maximum effectiveness
  3. Pricing – making most effective use of the Lakes Media Network assets – on-air, online, and social media

Advertising Copy and Production Elements

We develop…

  • Ad content
  • Presentation style
  • Announcer
  • Studio production

Scheduling for Maximum Effectiveness

We analyze audience ratings and available market research data to:

  • Identify Lakes Media Network stations that most effectively reach the target audience
  • Identify best dayparts and days of the week for a campaign
  • Scheduling approach best suited to advertiser reach and frequency goal

Making most Effective Use of LMN Assets - On-Air, Online and Social Media

We look for ways for you to fully leverage your Lakes Media Network advertising investment.

  • Online banner ads on Lakes Media Network websites
  • Special promotions tied to Lakes Media Network air personalities
  • Viral online marketing via Facebook and other Lakes Media Network social media connections

Are you ready? 

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