Lakes Media Online and Mobile Listeners: one click away from purchasing on your website!

If your company sells online, you should be advertising on the Lakes Media Network (LMN)!

The LMN reaches over 137,000 monthly listeners, of which 18,000+ listen online via our TuneGenie apps and mobile via iHeartRadio and TuneIn – and our online and mobile listeners are, literally, one click away from your website!   

All LMN stations reach listeners outside of the local area and the vast majority (84%+) of WSHV and WMPW stream listeners are non-local.   The chart below shows the percentage composition of Local versus Non-Local stream listeners.

The LMN does not charge extra to reach stream listeners so let us help you build an advertising campaign to drive our listeners to your website!   Your message which will reach prospects both locally and nationally!