Radio Reaches More People

93% of Adults Tune In to Radio Every Week!

93% of Adults listen to Radio every week and Radio dominates all electronic media in reaching adults during the day.  Click here for colorful video comparing Radio to PC, Smartphone and Tablet listening.  Over-the-air Radio reaches listeners at work and …Read More

If Your Doors Are Open, You Should Be Advertising

Many business owners think they only need to advertise when having a sale.  However, according to Michael Corbett, author of “The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising”, there are five indisputable reasons for businesses  to advertise …Read More

Avoid Clichés in Your Radio Ads

Why is it that many advertisers want their commercials to sound like commercials?  You know the kind – “tell everyone I’ve been in business since 1972, mention my convenient locations and be sure to include my …Read More

Advertise Frequently

Why Advertise Frequently and Steadily?

Why Advertise Frequently and Steadily?  Some advertisers think it’s simply a proposal to spend more money.  In fact, there’s a science behind it that makes advertising frequently and steadily pay off for those that do… Consumers …Read More