3-3-3 Plans: Big Results at Big Savings!

If your doors are open, you should be advertising – all the time!  Effective radio advertising campaigns are targeting a parade, not a standing audience.

Radio reaches both now and future buyers.  Someone who doesn’t need your product or service today may need it 3-, 6- or 12 months from now.   If you own Top of Mind Awareness, future buyers will think first of your business when the time comes for purchase consideration.

Progressive, Indeed, Home Depot, McDonalds and dozens of other major national companies are year-round Radio advertisers for a reason:   They know the power of owning Top of Mind Awareness, and they appreciate the return on investment (ROI) that Radio delivers across all advertising categories.   For example, Nielsen research shows that every dollar spent to advertise Home Improvement products on Radio generates a $12.00 increase in sales:



Lakes Media Network 3-3-3 Plans are designed to insure that your message reaches the majority of our listeners (your prospects) with sufficient frequency to guarantee results.   Commit to a 3-3-3 Plan and save up to 50% off regular Lakes Media Network rates . . .

  • Choose one of three commercial lengths:  15 seconds (for name awareness), 30 seconds (for name awareness and brief call to action) or 60 seconds (for name awareness, offer description and call to action)
  • Choose one of three options of times per week your commercial will air:   light rotation (25x per week), medium rotation (35x per week ), or heavy rotation (45x per week)
  • Choose one of three options of weeks per month your commercial will be heard:  2, 3 or 4 weeks per month

All Lakes Media Network stations broadcast all over-air Radio programming online and Mobile on the iHeartRadio and TuneIn apps – adding thousands of listeners at no additional charge!

Put the 3-3-3 Plan to work for your business!    Fill in your business info on the Increase Your Revenue form and type “3-3-3” in the “How Can We Help Box”.   We look forward to driving our tens of thousands of listeners to your business!