Why Angela Yee partnering with Diddy’s CîROCStands was a no-brainer

August is Black Business Month, and in honor of it, Angela Yee has partnered with Sean “Diddy” Combs and CÎROC in support of the CIROCStands initiative for Black businesses.

For Yee, making the decision to partner with was a no-brainer. 

“I love the whole CÎROCStands initiative,” the award-winning media personality told ABC Audio. “So when they approached me with the whole CîROCStands and supporting black businesses, you know, it was no question to me that this was something that was the right up my alley that I wanted to do.”

“And so as soon as they said it, I was like, Yes, you can definitely count me in. However, we have to make it happen,” she added. “So we kicked it off in New York, then we went to Chicago and now Martha’s Vineyard.”

As a business owner herself, Yee knows how hard it is to start a business and keep it going. From hiring employees, to marketing, and all the various obstacles, she feels like she’s “been through them all,” which is why she’s happy to be able to offer some assistance to others. 

“If I can pay it forward to other businesses that I can see are really working hard and putting in the time and can use it, I’m always there to give a hand,” Yee said. 

And when it comes to business advice, the host had three words: “Always be ready.” 

In the latest iteration, CîROC featured India Rose, owner of Sideline, a motivational sportswear and streetwear brand; Nya Clarke, owner of Martha’s Vineyard Island-Wide Realty; and Zita Cousens, owner of Cousen Rose Gallery, the longest-running gallery on the island.

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