Watch Viola Davis turn up the heat on ‘Hot Ones’

It’s well known Viola Davis is a force to be reckoned with on the big screen — but she also proved she can handle the heat in the kitchen. Hot wing heat, that is.

Fans were surprised to learn the award-winning actress would appear on the popular YouTube series Hot Ones — the show where guests answers questions while eating hot wings of different spice levels — and when she did, it seemed the hot wings’ heat were no match for her.

Davis was questioned on an array of topics, such as her memoir, Finding Me, and her role as Nanisca, the general of an all-female warrior army in The Woman King.

“We trained five hours a day … and we did all the stunts ourselves,” she said of the film. “You have to toss 200-something-pound men over your shoulder. You’re sore, you’re trying not to get hurt.”

Making note of her current situation, hot wing in hand, she said, “The fact that I’m sitting up here eating hot wings and I’m still alive is a testament to the training of this movie.”

With each wing eaten came a new heat level, but still, she seemed unfazed. After biting into the wing with a Scoville level of 46,000, she said enthusiastically, “These are so good.” 

It wasn’t until she grabbed a wing with sauce from a bottle that read “turmeric bomb” that she started to fold. 

And when the Scoville level reached 103,000, Davis couldn’t keep a straight face. That’s also when she took a sip of her water. 

After multiple chicken wings and many increasingly hot spices, Davis grabbed for her milk. 

“Nobody’s ever whooped your a** after all these chicken wings?” she asked of the host. 

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