Vivian Green shares her vulnerable new album, ‘Love Absolute’

R&B songstress Vivian Green returns with her vulnerable new album, Love Absolute.

Green tells ABC Audio her seventh album details her “personal” journey and all the “things that I absolutely love and the versatility of the album is definitely a huge part of that.”

“I get very personal at times, and I know people have always appreciated that from me,” she continues. “I wanted to make sure that I touched on pain because I’m not in a place of pain. I’m not in a sad place and haven’t been for years at this point.”

Love Absolute follows Green’s 2017 album, VGVI, which she describes as “almost flawless” though it “lacked vulnerability.”

“It was almost flawless, but it was not vulnerable,” Green explains. “It lacked vulnerability. It was too strong, I came across too strong in the lyrics and I think people want that vulnerability.”

“[Fans] want to feel like…’she feels, too. She feels hurt and pain, too. She makes mistakes, too’,” Green continues.  “And that wasn’t on my last album.  So I made a point to make sure that the journey was very personal.”

Love Absolute will give fans a verbal glimpse of a few “personal” moments in Green’s life, including her “personal and private” relationship.

“[I’m] still being strong, still in control, still talking about loving myself and all those things, but also talking about pain,” says Green. “Also, talking about the love of my people, and showing showcasing my love of jazz, once again, and talking about my own very personal relationship and how that is a very personal and private thing for me. But I had to figure out a way to write about it where I’m still giving it to people.”

Love Absolute is available now.

By Rachel George
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