Vivian Green discusses her album, ‘Love Absolute,’ and her relationship with executive producer, Kwame

R&B songstress Vivian Green says she felt liberated during the creation process for her latest album, Love Absolute, because she was able to “get it [all] out.”

She tells ABC Audio, “Most of it was written at the piano and I was alone then. There was no one else there but me and I could get it out.”

Green understands the difficulty some artists face being surrounded by producers and their “opinions” about each stanza, pre-hook or chorus of a song in the studio. 

“Those opinions are there and it’s not as organic as it is when it’s just me,” she continues. “And I don’t mind criticism after, but it’s something great about getting it out, how I hear it, with no one saying anything about it and allow me to present that organic idea versus it being criticized during the process.”

Green continued, explaining the “magical” essence of “making, writing at that piano, alone,” declaring, “It’s just very, very liberating and I don’t feel like anyone is preventing me from going anywhere where I want to go.”

Green shared her liberating thoughts with the album’s executive producer and her longtime collaborator, Kwame. Despite his heavy hip-hop background, she says Kwame’s “versatility” comes from producing “every song” she’s made since 2015, “most of that which is not hip-hop at all.”

“The versatility of [our tastes in music] couldn’t be more in alignment and that’s where we always find common ground,” says Green. “And while he is a hip-hop legend, he loves so many things…he’s like a music library.”  

Love Absolute is out now.

By Rachel George
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