Victoria Monét opens up about recent weight gain

Victoria Monét is embracing her new body.

In an Instagram Story featuring a photo of her onstage at Coachella, the singer wrote, “Welp..I gained a lot of weight and it went a lot of places lol.” 

“Face, arms, tummy, and most effectively…data**,” she joked.

She attributed the change to dealing with PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, which is a hormonal disorder that can cause weight fluctuations.

“I usually am so critical and frustrated by it because PCOS has me really messed up, but optimistically, at least now there’s two moons on stage,” she said, cheekily referencing the chaps she was wearing and the moon featured on her stage backdrop.

Victoria also posted a series of photos from Coachella, captioning it, “Damn Coachella. I loved you and you loved me right back. Thank you so much!!! We had the time of our lives.”

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