Tyrese spotted with model months after announcing divorce

Tyrese Gibson is back on the dating scene after announcing his divorce to his ex-wife Samantha last December.

On Monday, the self-proclaimed “antisocial” singer shared an Instagram video from his weekend in Atlanta for All-Star weekend, where he attended a basketball game with model and influencer Zelie Timothy

“[I] Never go out. ‘I don’t know what it is but those Leo’s drive me [crazy],” Tyrese wrote in the post’s caption. “#AllstarATL never been so happy about siting alone in my life. #CovidisStillVeryRealOutHere stay safe out there yall.”

Of course, some were displeased with seeing Tyrese’s hand placed over Timothy’s knee in the video. Some felt it was too soon for him to begin dating again.

“Damn people move on fast,” wrote one fan in the comments, while another said, “He’s dong this to get back at Samantha for speaking out about marrying a celebrity.”

Tyrese and Samantha married in 2017 and share a two-year-old daughter, Soraya. During a Q+A on Instagramlast month, Samantha said she doesn’t recommend ever dating a celebrity again.

“No, no I would not,” she laughed. “Here is my thing. I think a lot of women want a certain type of notoriety in being with a certain guy. That’s not where your worth comes from. That’s not where your validation comes from. Your worth comes from God, and God alone. It doesn’t matter who you’re with.”

Samantha admits not all wealthy “guys are bad,” while touching on what it means to date men who she says “are accustomed to getting their way.”

“You’re going to have to settle, and compromise, and work things out within yourself before they feel like they have to do that too,” she said.

By Rachel George
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