Tyler Perry donates $100k to the legal defense fund of Kenneth Walker, Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend

Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of the late Breonna Taylor, received a major boost in his legal defense fund thanks to Tyler Perry.

TMZ reports that Walker is facing a lawsuit from Louisville, Kentucky police officer Jonathan Mattingly, who was one of the three troopers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Mattingly was struck in the leg before he and other plainclothes police tried entering Walker’s residence.  While it has not been proven that he was struck by one of Walker’s bullets, Mattingly is suing on grounds of emotional distress and trauma.

GoFundMe has since been launched to help Walker fight the charges.

The campaign reportedly had a slow start until Perry breathed new life into it, sending four separate donations on Sunday to help Walker hit his financial goal of $100,000.

The Madea’s Family Reunion star first issued two $10,000 donations before following up with a $50,000 and then $30,000 donation.  The campaign currently sits at over $102,000.

As previously reported, Walker said that when he first heard the officers trying to break down his door, he believed it was a break in and fired his licensed weapon to defend his property. 

Police returned fire and Taylor was killed during the exchange.

Walker was also arrested and charged with attempted murder of a police officer as well as first-degree assault.  Those charges were later dropped.

By Megan Stone 
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