Ty Dolla $ign on why he worked with Ye on Vultures: Hes “the best artist of this generation”

Cancel culture can’t and won’t dictate who Ty Dolla $ign supports, according to his recent interview with Billboard. In it, he spoke of his decision to work on Vultures 1 with Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, despite the backlash over his antisemitic remarks and alleged bad treatment of employees, among other things.

“Ye is the best artist of this generation, besides me, and I don’t give a f*** about what people were talking about. I know my n****. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met,” he says, adding his belief that Ye’s talent supersedes his behavior. “Just with my analysis of how it goes with him, he goes all the way to the top. And something may happen and he’ll say (something people find offensive) — and then people (get) right back, you know. Because this s*** is undeniable.”

Following the success of their album, which peaked atop the Billboard 200, Ty and Ye are now working on Vultures 2, which was delayed a few times but, according to Ty, is almost done.

“We got all the songs. Basically, it’s just like, ‘How can we get it there? How can we go bigger than the first album?’” Ty says. He adds he’ll stay focused on completing the Vultures trilogy and bringing out Ye’s creative potential while Ye worries about marketing and distribution. 

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