Twitters fans fall out over Damson Idris complimenting UK singer Rebecca Winter

British actor Damson Idris has been going viral on social media since declaring himself the “CEO of the Dark Skin Society” last month. 

On Wednesday, the Snowfall star tweeted a video of London singer Rebecca Winter, who jumps out of bed to get dressed, with hair and makeup, to answer a FaceTime call from Idris himself.

“Aw babes. Next time I call you can stay in bed. You’re already beautiful,” Idris captioned his tweet.

Despite his delightful response, some of Damson’s female fans were apparently not happy about him appearing to flirt with other women on social media. 

“”I am so jealous. Ugh you’re so sweet Damson,” tweeted one fan, while another wrote “You’re supposed to call me.” Still another said, “Are you trying to hurt my feelings right now? Is this what we are doing, baby?”

More fans responded with claims that Damson Idris was “cheating” on them in a hypothetical relationship, while others gave him a pass for “complimenting” Winter’s beauty. 

“She’s pretty, so I’ll excuse your behavior,” wrote one fan. Yet another said, “Complimenting queens. I love to see it.”

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