Tiffany Boone, Kyle Chandler and Demián Bichir share the “motivation” behind their ‘Midnight Sky’ characters

In the George Clooney-directed Netflix sci-fi drama The Midnight Sky, a group of astronauts are warned to stay in space after a global catastrophe makes Earth inhabitable. The cast says that even with their uncertain future, their characters all have a personal motivation to return home.

Tiffany Boone, who plays Maya, an astronaut on her first mission, tells ABC Audio that her character’s reason to “rush back” was based on love.

“For me, I created even more of a motivation that she fell in love with her best friend right before she went off,” Boone says. “She has to get back to her to tell her she loves her. So that’s the motivation to return to those people that she loves.”

Kyle Chandler, who plays Maya’s fellow astronaut, Mitchell, agrees and adds that he even “visualized” a scene of his last time on Earth as a reference point. 

“My motivation was the same thing,” he says. “I wanted to get home to my wife. And my little secret was also a promise [to] her, saying, “Yes, I’ll come home. And this was my last flight I was going to make.”

“And she gifted me that in a sense,” Chandler continues. “And I want to get home to my boys in my old life. Two years is an awful long time to ask people to wait for you.”

Meanwhile, Demián Bichir, who serves as one of the senior astronauts on the mission, says he saw a common thread in all of the astronauts’ desire to return to Earth.

“It’s always family and the closest love that you have around you and all that — that keeps you connected,” he says.

The Midnight Sky, also starring David Oyelowo and Felicity Jones, is now streaming on Netflix.

By Candice Williams
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