The Weeknd gears up for Super Bowl Sunday in new Pepsi ad

The Weeknd is ready to take his walk to the Super Bowl halftime show stage this weekend.

In his second TV ad for Pepsi ahead of the big game, the singer, born Abel Tesfaye, walks through the tunnel to the field as videos from his career play on screens all around him.

The Weeknd reflects on these moments in a voiceover, saying, “Our stories are a lifetime in the making. We give to the world and the world gives back. What we create changes us. Every performance, a new chapter. Every stage, a new beginning.”

As his hit “Blinding Lights” plays, he takes a deep breath and walks towards the halftime show stage.

The spot, which is available to watch online now, will also air on CBS right before Super Bowl LV kickoff on Sunday.

Pepsi is also giving fans some extra content on ahead of the game, including an AR Portal where fans can put themselves in The Weeknd’s shoes and walk down the same tunnel featured in the commercial.  There’s also behind-the-scenes footage of how the halftime show came to life.

Post-show, Pepsi will give away parts of The Weeknd’s halftime show set as well as pieces of the outfit he wore during the show, with the #TakeHomeHalftime sweepstakes on Twitter. You can also participate in the #PepsiHalftimeChallenge on TikTok, which involves filming your rendition of a Pepsi halftime show performance to The Weeknd’s new song, “Save Your Tears.”

By Andrea Tuccillo
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