‘The Love Language’ singer Trevor Jackson shares his top five love songs

R&B singer Trevor Jackson sat down with MTV News to share his top five favorite love songs.

Jackson’s first pick is “Crazy Love,” by Brian McKnight, whom he called his “favorite male vocalist to ever live.”

“Just his voice and the song, the songwriting in the bridge. that’s one of my favorites. That used to be one of his auditions songs,” says Jackson. “Because its called ‘Crazy Love.’ Love isn’t always picture perfect it can be crazy, it can be whatever works for you two.”

Jackson said his second choice, Boyz II Men‘s “I’ll Make Love to You,” made him think of the songs on his debut album, The Love Language, which dropped last week.

“Something that evokes emotion,” Jackson adds. “I think Love Language is an example of some classic R&B songs. When I was growing up, those [songs] made me feel the most. I didn’t even know what the songs meant you know? I was a kid listening to them but [when] you hear a Boyz II Men song it just makes you feel a certain way.”

Pick three is “Boy,” from country singer Lee Brice, with Jackson’s own “Love Don’t Change” at #4. 

“‘Love Don’t Change’ is a song I wrote about a partner that I was with at the time, about my family and about God,” Jackson explains. “And its just about finding that kind of love that regardless of where you’re at in life…you’re always loved by this person, these people, [by] God. Their love doesn’t change for you. It doesn’t matter what you do.”

Jackson said Michael Bolton‘s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You” was his fifth pick, and named Prince‘s “The Beautiful Ones” as a bonus.


By Rachel George 
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