Tasha Cobbs Leonard talks fulfilling her God-given purpose outside of music

Billboard’s Top Gospel Artist of the Decade Tasha Cobbs Leonard says her “purpose is to bring awareness to the presence of God.” 

“And yes, that’s through singing,” the singer tells ABC Audio. “That’s…obvious. But with everything that I do, there are some people that I will never reach if I don’t expand myself or stretch myself. I really realized that when I launched the eyewear.”

Cobbs Leonard said she launched Fritz Eyewear to honor her father, Fritz Cobbs, who passed away in 2014. 

“My father was a pastor and at the end of each service he would say, ‘love everybody.’ So as I was thinking, ‘What can I do to honor the legacy of my dad…it just came,” she continues. “Everything doesn’t come like that but this one came just like that. The vision behind the eyewear is that when people put them on they will see others through the lens of my father.”

Her hope is “that we see people through the lens of love,” hence why she intentionally “pray[s]” over each pair of sunglasses before they’re mailed off to customers. “It’s very special to me. That’s one of my babies,” Cobbs Leonard adds.

Tasha’s other “baby” is her athleisure line, Curve Athletics, for plus-size women and “women with CURVES.” She plans to use both her business “babies,” as well as her voice to maximize her exposure and reach other audiences. 

“You have to put yourself in uncomfortable spaces, learn new things,” she suggests. “With the businesses, I’m offering the same purpose just with a different look.”

By Rachel George
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