Tasha Cobbs Leonard shares the “sacrifices” new mommy Ciara made for their single, “In Spite of Me”

Gospel singer Tasha Cobbs-Leonard teamed up with R&B star Ciara for Tasha’s latest single, “In Spite of Me.”

Cobbs-Leonard recalls the moment she mentioned to her husband and producer Kenneth Leonard and songwriter Dontae Bowe that she needed a “pop-ish kind of guitar” song to showcase the guitar skills she began learning two years ago. 

“I said to [Bowe], ‘I need like a pop kind of song where I maybe can have a huge pop artist,"” Tasha tells ABC Audio. “I’m a faith person, so I just throw things out there and let God do what he does.”

Cobbs-Leonard describes Ciara as a “sweetheart” with a “heart of gold” who loves her 2018 single, “You Know My Name.” She said the two began developing a friendship after a few “encouraging” text conversations.

“I just texted [Ciara] and said, ‘Hey, I got this song I would love for you to do.’ She was elated. She was like, ‘Oh, my goodness, whatever it takes, I’m going to do it,"” says Cobbs-Leonard.

Even so, she was hesitant Ciara wouldn’t be able to complete the song, being that she was eight-and-a-half months pregnant at the time, figuring “there’s absolutely no way she can do this.”

But Ciara proved her wrong and managed to record the song between breast feedings about “a week and a half” after she gave birth to her now four-month-old son, Win.

“The sacrifices she made to make this happen, I will never forget,” adds Cobbs-Leonard. “She did a stellar job.”

By Rachel George
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