Tanks “all the way back” to music with R&B Money: The Vault

When Tank released R&B Money in 2022, it was accompanied by the news that it’d be his final album. Fans dealing with that reality are now in for some good news: he’s “all the way back.”

“You know what? I was really gone. I really had my heart set on [retiring],” Tank tells ABC Audio — but then he kept getting gigs and decided to keep going. “It’s like, how do you retire at the height of it, like, we’re still ascending,” he says. “I came to the realization that maybe it’s just time management I need to be better at in order to get all of these other things in that I want to do and not necessarily walk away from this when so many people still need me to do it.”

Tank returned with “Before We Get Started” featuring Fabolous, a song he thought would perfectly “kick off some new energy.” He joked that “in Fab fashion,” the rapper was “overseas somewhere getting money” when he called him for the song. But he got right to it when he returned, noting he also “showed love” by “showing up to the video and showing up to help promote.”

With the song and video, Tank says he’s “getting back to that good energy” that R&B is about. It’s one of five new tracks on the R&B Money deluxe, titled R&B Money: The Vault, out April 26.

Tank’s also celebrating the upcoming 100th episode of his R&B Money podcast, dropping April 27. He teased during his ABC Audio interview that one of his dream guests, later revealed to be Chris Brown, will appear on the episode; Jamie Foxx, who helped launch the pod, and Beyoncé are his other dream guests.

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