Tank shares the conversation with his wife that inspired “Can’t Let It Show”

R&B singer Tank sampled Kate Bush‘s 1989 classic “This Woman’s Work” on his single, “Can’t Let It Show.

He says the song was also inspired by a conversation he had with his wife of three years, Zena Foster.

“I had just been working with it in my mind and hadn’t really been able to find the magic to dress it up…because it’s a very important song… that you’re tampering with,” Tank tells ABC Audio. “One day me and my wife are…well, maybe she’s telling me off. I was about to say we were arguing, but I wasn’t winning. I was kind of losing.”

Tanks says his wife is usually “emotional,” but this time around she was unable to be.

“She says, ‘I cry over everything and I can’t even cry’…And while she’s saying that everything just started going in slow motion and I’m thinking in my head, ‘oh my God, that’s the song,"” he continues, before reciting lyrics from the song. “I should be crying, but I just can’t let it show. I could be crying, but I can’t stop thinking all the things you should have said that you never said…like that’s the song.”

“We’ve reimagined it around this conversation about when a woman is fed up…When a woman has no more emotion left for a situation, what are you left with?” he adds. 

Tank hopes “Can’t Let It Show” helps others understand the “hurt” and the “fight” people go through in relationships, as he and his wife once did.

“We were able to give a testimony that’s going to help somebody either through it or to keep from going through it,” he says. “There’s so many cool components to it. It’s just a blessed record.”  

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