Tank shares secret to his marriage to Zena Foster: “We communicate about everything”

R&B singer Tank and his wife, Zena Foster, celebrated their third wedding anniversary last Thursday. After meeting over 20 years ago and sharing two children, Tank says the secret to their longtime love is frequent communication.

“I think we communicate about everything. That’s the first piece of it like you got to be able to communicate, whether it’s good or bad,” he tells ABC Audio. “Because a lot of separation is kind of fueled through people not communicating properly and needs or desires not being met just because the conversation isn’t happening properly.”

The “Can’t Let It Show” singer says he and Zena enjoy moments where they can reconnect when he comes off the road from touring or when she’s not busy promoting her brand, Zena Foster Beauty.

“When when we come back together, we have these moments where it’s like, ‘man, I missed you today or ‘I missed you over the weekend’ or ‘oh you look different. What you do to your hair?"” Tank laughs. “It’s like you get to have those moments where you get to kind of reconnect, which is…cool because it’s kind of like a discovery.”

He believes gaining new information about your spouse from “stimulating conversations” can lead “to even more connection or staying connected.”

“There is no formula for getting it all 100% right, but I do know that communication…it starts there, and then I think healthy space is needed,” Tank adds. “Healthy space, [okay]? Healthy space.”

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