Tamar Braxton’s sisters Trina and Towanda discuss the foundation of their sisterhood

Braxton Family Values stars Trina and Towanda are sending love to Tamar after her emotional appearance on The Tamron Hall Show earlier this week. 

“Well, based on what she said on Tamron, she’s better today than she was yesterday, which is always a good thing and Tamar has her own story to tell,” says Trina. “And with that, it is her own story to tell.”

Trina tells ABC Audio the family respects Tamar’s “wishes” in allowing her to tell her story “from her own eyes, from her perspective….her own way, in her own time.” 

“That’s our sister and we definitely care about where she is. We love her regardless of what everyone perceives,  as the sisterhood not being together,” adds Towanda. “We always come together when there is a situation. We always put our differences aside because the root of our relationship is love.”

Despite Tamar’s claim that she is “estranged” from her sisters, Towanda says they saw Tamar “a few weeks ago” to “love on her the best way that we know how.”

Meanwhile, Trina describes the estrangement as nothing more than “real life” family issues.

“Let’s be honest about it. Sometimes you don’t talk to each other for a couple of days. Sometimes, you’re mad at each other,” she continues. That’s just real life. It’s real family.”

“Sometimes when you’re angry you’re like, ‘I need my own space right now.’ And then you come back together and that’s the same with our family just like any other family,” says Trina. “We don’t talk every day like we used to but then some days we do. So that’s just how it goes down.” 

Braxton Family Values returns for its seventh season Nov. 5 on We Tv. 

By Rachel George
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