Suspect in Takeoff’s murder released from jail on $1 million bond

The man charged with Takeoff‘s murder is out of jail. As ABC13 reportsPatrick Clark was released Wednesday after posting bond.

Clark’s bond was initially set at $2 million, but was lowered to $1 million — a price his defense team argued he couldn’t afford. They asked that his bond be reduced to $300,000, but Judge Josh Hill denied the request. He ruled that Clark had the means to pay based off previous statements and the existence of bail bond companies that would be willing to take on that risk.

Under the terms of his bond, Clark is forbidden from leaving his parents’ Houston home or contacting Takeoff’s family. He was required to turn in his passport during a previous court appearance; his next court appearance is set for March.

Clark was arrested last month in connection to the death of Takeoff, who was fatally shot outside a Houston bowling alley on November 1. Detectives say he was captured on camera firing his gun, which allegedly killed the Migos rapper. He also had a bottle of wine in hand, on which his fingerprints were found; those prints helped detectives identify him. Clark has since maintained his innocence in Takeoff’s shooting.


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