Solange reveals she’s been “writing music for the tuba”

Solange has been working on some music outside the kind her fans may be waiting for. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed she’s “started writing music for the tuba.”

“I am trying to talk myself into releasing it,” she said, “but I can only imagine the eye rolls from people waiting on an album.” She noted her current obsession with the instrument: “It sounds like what the gut feels like to me. There’s a way that it takes up space that you can’t deny, and it also just feels very Black to me.”

Solange has spent most of her life performing, first showing up in costumes and now as herself. She notes her time on the road as a teenager impacted the work she releases today.

“There was a lot of loneliness in my teenage years,” she explained. “A lot of the work I do speaks to that loneliness and weighs that connectivity. This was, you know, prior to social media. I would be on the road for long stretches of time, mainly with adults or older people.”

Touring also exposed to her to various concert halls and music venues that intrigued her. “I felt like I belonged there and that I could one day create a space that felt like that or embody the way that felt through a song or a project,” she continued.

In 2016 Solange released A Seat at the Table, which was supposed to feature Katt Williams before she “fumbled the ball.” She’s since been doing the work to understand and forgive her younger self, and has been living an “artistic life in service to herself” because it means “there are very few regrets that I have in my career.” 

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