Snoop Dogg wants to teach the youth: “It’s OK to tell somebody that you love them”

West Coast legend Snoop Dogg paid homage to several other legendary artists in the music video for his song “Look Around,” where he recreated album covers such as Big Daddy Kane‘s Long Live The Kane and Ice Cube‘s debut album after leaving N.W.A., AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted.

Snoop tells ABC Audio it was important to honor and celebrate the hip hop veterans who inspired him.

“I’ve felt like a lot of times we forget who[se] back we’re standing on when we get to the top of the mountain And one thing about me I’ve always nothing but love and respect for my fore fathers and the greats that came before me,” he says. “And what better way to show it than to put a video together where they can see me highlighting some of their greatest work through my work.”

Snoop’s “Look Around” video also paid homage to rap veterans like LL Cool J, Rakim, Ice-T, and the late Eazy-E. He hopes it’ll play a larger role in helping today’s youth understand a bigger message about honoring your loved ones. 

“It’s OK to commend somebody when you love and respect them. It’s OK to give them they’re flowers. It’s OK to tell somebody that you love them, if you really do,” Snoop concludes.

“Look Around” features rapper J Black and was taken from Snoop Dogg’s 18th studio album, From Tha Streets 2 Tha Suites, which is out now.

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