Snoop Dogg to release two new albums, Death Row catalog on startup media company Gamma

Snoop Dogg‘s partnered with music startup Gamma to release his Death Row catalog, as well as two new albums. Launched by Apple Music’s former global creative director Larry Jackson, Gamma, per Billboard, “is a one-stop-shop media company that creates, distributes, and markets content, from music to podcasts to films, offering resources and guidance to artists who want to build their brands and expand beyond music.”

Gamma, believed to have nearly $1 billion in equity and debt, according to Bloomberg, acquired a stake in the Death Row catalog in December. Jackson will revert the rights to Snoop after the partnership helps to “enrich the value of the IP.”

“It made sense for two Black men to come together to change the face of the industry,” Snoop tells Bloomberg. “I didn’t want to partner with a regular company because they respect me and fear me so much, they wouldn’t wanna give me ideas.”

Snoop previously released Death Row’s catalog on TikTok, which Jackson believes will have a run for its money with Gamma on the scene. He says he wants to “become the new radio, where you could actually break records,” among other things.

“Having the whole thing A to Z creates kind of a farm-to-table situation,” Jackson tells Billboard. “Everything can’t be about one place where you break music … For us, as a company, I’m looking to decrease our dependence on outside sources.”

With more of a focus on Black culture than major labels, he’s hoping that his experience as CEO will help increase diversity and inclusion in leadership positions within the music industry, according to Billboard. He also wants to assist artists in building generational wealth and owning their work.

Gamma has secured deals with the likes of UsherRick Ross and Naomi Campbell.

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