Scandal erupts and hearts break when Lil Nas X takes over ‘Maury’

Emotions were flying high, and so did some chairs, when Lil Nas X took over the Maury show on Wednesday.  The parody episode served as a “what if” continuation of the singer’s “That’s What I Want” music video, where he falls in love with his football teammate — only to discover the love of his life is married to a woman.

Lil Nas X, going by his birth name Montero Hill in the episode, told the show host he “felt like a fool” for catching feelings for the lying Yai and attests he never knew his lover was married to a woman named Ashley and had a son.

But, true to Maury’s salacious formula, Lil Nas X believes that Yai is not the child’s father and demands a paternity test — in addition to confronting Ashley about her husband’s double life.  

The episode has it all: Ashley’s mental breakdown after learning of her husband’s infidelity, Lil Nas X playing the role of the jealous ex, tantrums, tears, explosive DNA test results, and…a proposal. 

Maury reveals Yai “is not the father” of four-year-old Noah and further vindicates Lil Nas X with a lie detector test, which finds that Yai was telling the truth that he had fallen in love with the Grammy winner.

But just as Yai gets down on one knee and proposes, Maury reveals that the lie detector also found he had been unfaithful to Lil Nas X and Ashley, apparently sleeping with “10 different people.”

The episode ends with Lil Nas X running out of the studio and breaking things off with Yai before dashing down the city streets as “Thats What I Want” booms in the background.

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