Saweetie sparks debate: Does ranch belong on spaghetti?

It’s the debate no one saw coming — Does ranch belong on spaghetti?

This very discussion was sparked on Twitter after a video of Saweetie drizzling ranch on top of the Italian dish made its way to the platform on Monday. XXL Magazine shared the clip and asked users, “Y’all putting ranch on your spaghetti like Saweetie?”

The “Best Friend” artist retweeted the post along with several tongue emojis

“Buss It” rapper Erica Banks cosigned on the idea tweeting, “Ranch belong on spaghetti,” but not everyone was as convinced. Some users criticized Saweetie’s taste palate, with one comparing her eating habits to that of a raccoon. 

Others offered up an explanation as to how to unique combination came to be. 

“This is what happens when you accidentally let your spaghetti and salad touch,” one person explained. “It’s a hard habit to break after that. I probably did this til we stopped buying ranch dressing.”

Saweetie hit back at those who disagreed with the creamy dressing as a topping for the Italian dish by accusing them of having a “boring” childhood. 

“wtf was yall eating growin up??? Y’all must’ve had a boring [behind] childhood,” she tweeted.

Overall, though, Saweetie was a good sport about the debate and even shared a meme of a raccoon stuffing its face with the caption “#NewProfilePic.”

By Danielle Long
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