Saweetie says she’s down for star in a film alongside her cousin Gabrielle Union

Pretty chick Saweetie says she’d love to star in a film with award-winning actress Gabrielle Union— especially since they’re cousins.  

“I think it would be such an exciting moment because she has so much personality,” Saweetie — whose father, Johnny Harper, is first cousins with Union — tells ABC Audio.  “And I’ve just always watched her growing up through to the big screen.”

In a 2018 tweet, Union revealed her role as Eva in 2003’s Deliver Us from Eva was based on her aunt, Joanne Glass, who is also Saweetie’s grandmother.

Saweetie said it would be “fun” to potentially be featured in the next Bring It On, the 2000 film that pushed Union’s acting career to new heights.  

“So I think it will be fun…a little Bring It On or just something like,” she continued. “[Maybe a] romantic comedy or comedy or something like a chick flick. I can definitely see that.”

Aside from music, acting makes up a portion of Saweetie’s massive Pretty B**** Music empire — named after her forthcoming debut album, which is set to arrive in 2021.

In preparation for her new album, the Cali native recently revealed a short leopard print haircut in the music video for “Back to the Streets.”

“It’s for my PBM era,” adds Saweetie. “I just feel like cutting your hair is so empowering. “I’m the [ish] with or without it type of vibe.” 

By Rachel George
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