Saweetie dishes on what inspired her “mystical” “Back To The Streets” music video


Saweetie’s music video for her hit “Back to the Streets” featuring GRAMMY-nominated star Jhené Aiko dropped on Friday and it’s already amassed over 6.5 million views. The video oozes of West coast flavor and a flaunts a mystical vibe, which is exactly the look the rapper was going for. 

“I feel like every time the perception of the West coast is shown we’ve seen it before. We’ve seen the palm trees, we’ve seen the Cadillacs.. all the things that make the West coast the West coast,” she tells ABC Audio. “But I really wanted to give a different take on it… I wanted to show the West coast in a very mystical way.”

Visuals aside, “Back To The Streets” is anti “F” boy anthem that empowers women to let go of a situation if it’s not working out. So, what would make Saweetie send someone back the the streets?

“Sometimes you don’t need a reason,” the “Tap In” artist says.

“Sometimes you have to get back to self, so that’s why I kind of made it something celebratory. Not all breakups are bad and sad,” she continues. “Sometimes it’s just kind of like get rid of someone who is wasting your time or someone you’re simply not interested in anymore and that’s okay. Send them back to the streets.”

“Back To The Streets” is Saweetie’s most recent collaboration with Aiko — they’ve previously teamed up for remixes of “My Type” and “Triggered.” When asked who else she would like to work with, the Bay Area native shared that the possibilities are endless.  

“I want to collaborate with everybody,” she begins. “I feel like we are in such a creative, exciting, innovative time for female rap.”

She adds, “I’m really just a fan of everybody right now.”

By Danielle Long
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