Saucy Santana is MTV’s global ‘Push’ artist for the month of August

Every month, MTV Push connects the world to artists via live performances, interviews and other forms of content. This go-round, the platform is bringing fans closer to Saucy Santana via an exclusive chat that sees him discussing everything from his key to success to his single “Booty.”

Santana started his career as a makeup artist for City Girls and went on to release his first song in 2019. He followed up with a few more releases, breaking through to the mainstream with the help of the viral hit “Walk.” TikTok fans have also assisted in the success of “Material Girl,” which most recently resulted in him sharing a stage and remix with Madonna.

Saucy attributes his wins to simply embracing who he is. “It’s so easy to wake up every day and be yourself, that’s you, that’s the only person you know how to be,” he told MTV Push, “and that’s how I’ve gotten this far being Santana the only way I know how.”

Santana has been on a run, performing at shows like Summer Walker‘s New York concert and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Commonly on his set list is his recently released song, “Booty,” a Latto collaboration that serves different purposes.

“Booty is as loud as you can, driving around in the car,” he said of the song. “Booty is getting ready for the club, Booty is a work out, a lot of people I’m seeing are working out to the song … it’s a cardio record!”

Saucy Santana’s full interview can be found here.

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