Rolling Stone report claims Diddys history of abuse traces back to college days

Rolling Stone has published an expose claiming Sean “Diddy” Combs has a history of abuse stemming back to his college days.

The report was based on interviews with over 50 people in his social and professional circles conducted over a period of six months, detailing a series of incidents from his alleged yearslong use of intimidation and violence, especially concerning women.

Among those is an incident from his Howard University days, when Diddy, standing outside the Harriet Tubman Quadrangle dorm, screamed at his girlfriend to come outside. One student source says many of the female residents knew he was beating her outside and cautioned others in the dorm.

A second witness recalled a “super angry” Combs “screaming at the top of his lungs,” adding he “whupped” his girl’s butt with a belt as she tried “to defend herself a little bit.” A third student source also recalled the incident, but the victim herself declined to comment.

Diddy’s abuse also allegedly took place in his workplace: Kirk Burrowes, Bad Boy’s co-founding partner and president, claims he pulled Combs from a woman after hearing the sounds of screams and glass shattering. 

Diddy, according to the report, also allegedly had a hard time letting go of his exes. He was accused of assaulting late music executive Shakir Stewart, who had been dating Diddy’s on-and-off girlfriend Kim Porter. Stewart’s mother, Portia Labrie, and two of his friends claim Diddy broke a chair over Stewart’s head, resulting in his need for stitches, and threatened to kill him while in Italy for L.A. Reid‘s 2000 wedding.

“Mr. Combs cannot comment on settled litigation, will not comment on pending litigation, and cannot address every allegation picked up by the press from any source, no matter how unreliable,” Diddy’s lawyer, Jonathan Davis, told Rolling Stone when presented with a list of questions about the allegations against him. “We are aware that the proper authorities are conducting a thorough investigation and therefore have confidence any important issues will be addressed in the proper forum, where the rules distinguish facts from fiction.”

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