Robin Thede, Gabrielle Union and other Black stars rally behind Taraji P. Henson’s unfair pay conversation

Not long after video circulated of Taraji P. Henson breaking down in tears when citing unfair pay in response to an interview question about why she’d quit acting, a host of other Black entertainers say they understand her frustration. 

Robin Thede shared a series of tweets, agreeing with Henson’s sentiment that the entertainment industry is rough for Black actors who aren’t paid fairly for their work. 

“Taraji is telling the absolute TRUTH,” she said. “Most of your fave Black actresses make about $250k-$500k for STARRING in movies (so $50-$100k net) and might only get ONE project a year.”

As Henson did in her now viral chat with Gayle King, Thede named a list of “bills” that are to be paid “for taxes & commissions (agents, managers, lawyers).”

“Do the math of all of it and it’s often still living check to check and not creating generational wealth,” Thede said.

“Not a damn lie told,” Gabrielle Union tweeted. “We go TO BAT for the next generation and hell even our own generation and above. We don’t hesitate to be the change that we all need to see AND it takes a toll on your mind, health, soul, and career if we’re keepn it [100].”

Keke Palmer joined in with her thoughts on Instagram: “To make money you must spend money so what seems like a lot is taken by a lot.”

Palmer added, “I keep a job because I HAVE to. We ALL work multiple jobs and we may like some but also because we HAVE to.”

Many fans on the internet pointed to a similar discussion brought up by comedian Mo’Nique, who was apparently ridiculed for speaking out against Black people’s unfair treatment in Hollywood. 

Henson, in her chat with King, said, “I’m tired of hearing my sisters say the same thing over and over. You get tired.”

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