Richard Jenkins and Shane Paul McGhie share their “amazing experience” in making ‘The Last Shift’

Richard Jenkins and Shane Paul McGhie are the quintessential odd couple in the comedy-drama The Last Shift.

The two play Stanley and Jevon, a pair of fast food workers who have very different ideas on how to get their job done. While Jenkins’ Stanley is meticulous, organized, and a bit too vocal about the importance of flipping chicken patties, McGhie’s Jevon simply sees his job as a means to an end.

Jenkins tells ABC Audio that he and McGhie really “responded to the writing.”

“And that’s where it starts,” he says. “And I didn’t know where it was going to go when we shot it. And then we shot it and we just had fun.”  

McGhie agrees, adding that in addition to providing laughs, the film presents “subtle” messages on race and culture that “doesn’t hit the audience over the head.”

“I keep comparing it to medicine with the spoonful of sugar to go with it,” he says. “The stakes are very high for these people. They’re very high.”

Those important conversations, mixed with plenty of levity, is what McGhie says ultimately attracted him to the project.

“I think I’d never read something like this before,” he says. “I’ve never been involved with a project like this.”

“When I found out Richard was attached, I had to take that opportunity to work with him,” he continues. “He is amazing. It was just an amazing experience. And I think the world needs to see it.”

Jenkins has no arguments, joking that “there’s a lot of jobs you can do that you can be miserable at — making movies shouldn’t be one [of them].”

The Last Shift, also starring Da’Vine Joy Randolph and Ed O’Neill, is now available on Digital/Blu-ray.

By Candice Williams
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