Report: Dr. Dre selling music assets, income streams to Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music

Dr. Dre is selling some of his music assets and income streams to Shamrock Holdings and Universal Music for more than $200 million. 

According to Billboard, Shamrock is reportedly acquiring the portion of the bundle that includes royalties from two of his solo projects, his producer royalties, his share of N.W.A. artist royalties and the writer’s share of the part of his discography where he doesn’t own publishing.

The remaining portion, which is comprised of the master recordings for Dre’s The Chronic, his share of Kendrick Lamar’s releases through TDE’s deal with Interscope and his Aftermath imprint, will go to UMG.

Dre’s assets are said to generate almost $10 million in annual income, per Billboard. Shamrock’s portion makes up 75% to 90% of the package’s revenue, while UMG’s portion comprises 10% to 25% of the overall income.

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