‘Power’ star Rotimi explains the origin of his alter-ego, Mr. Butterscotch

Rotimi has gone viral a number of times over the years with his alter-ego, Mr. Butterscotch, on Instagram. 

The Power star says he created the character at a time where he wanted to offer fans another side of his villainous character, Andre, on the popular Starz series.

“I can’t explain it. I think it was lightning in a bottle for me,” Rotimi tells ABC Audio. “In 2017, I couldn’t put out any music at the time and I was just doing Power and I wanted to show people that I’m way more than just that.”

“I created a character that I felt like would represent Nigeria, which is my homeland,” says Rotimi. “And also just show a complete opposite side of Dre at the time. And it just stuck.” 

The Nigerian-American singer said he knew he was on to something once other celebrities, like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent, began reposting his viral Instagram videos. 

“Once I started seeing all the celebrities start posting it and going viral, I knew that I had lightning in a bottle,” says Rotimi. “You know, certain things happen in people’s career that you can’t explain, it’s just given to you as a gift. So Mr. Butterscotch is forever, baby, yes.”

Rotimi is preparing to release his debut album this year after signing a label deal with Empire last August. Since then, he’s released music videos for his singles “In My Bed” and “Love Somebody,” the latter of which starred his fiancé, Vanessa Mdee. 

By Rachel George
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