Phoebe Robinson gets messy in new Freeform show, ‘Everything’s Trash’

Freeform’s newest show wants to make you laugh. Everything’s Trash stars comedian Phoebe Robinson as a 30-something podcaster attempting to navigate the messy nuances of life in Brooklyn. 
As the creator, executive producer, writer and star, the series borrows heavily from Robinson’s own life. Fans can expect to find some familiar anecdotes and lessons that were described in her 2018 book Everything’s Trash But It’s Okay and from her podcast 2 Dope Queens.
Not everything is the same between Robinson and her TV show counterpart, though. At the show’s premiere in Brooklyn Monday night, Robinson told ABC Audio that “TV Phoebe,” as she lovingly calls her, is “definitely messier, a little bit more selfish and doesn’t have her finances together. ”
As for the similarities to Robinson’s real life, TV Phoebe is still a podcaster, still has a politician brother, and is still confidently and unapologetically herself. As Robinson put it, the show is “a little bit of old and a little bit of new.”
The cast is rounded out by fellow stand-ups Jordan Carlos and Moses Storm, along with Nneka Okafor and Toccarra Cash. Carlos portrays Phoebe’s older brother, who is beginning his career in politics. He tells ABC Audio he looked to Robinson’s actual brother, who is a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, for inspiration.
“I kind of low-key stalked him, and looked at some of his campaign stuff and some of his speeches. And he’s a lot more intellectual, and smart and erudite than I could ever be, but I definitely copied him like a sociopath to nail this role,” he said.
Episodes one and two of Everything’s Trash premiere Wednesday, July 13, at 10 p.m. on Freeform. 

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