Pastor Mike Todd’s on a mission to help break generational trauma with latest book, ‘Damaged but Not Destroyed’

Shortly after Pastor Mike Todd penned the last sentence of his new book Damaged but Not Destroyed, “spit hit the fan.”

He had led what turned into an unusually viral sermon where, in an effort to help visualize a biblical verse, he smeared spit from his mouth onto his brother’s face.

The unexpected moment was met with harsh criticism from people across the internet, but while many thought they’d be witnessing Pastor Todd’s demise, he knew the discomfort would last only for a short while.

And that’s one of the many messages from Damaged but Not Destroyed, the popular speaker’s follow-up to not one but two New York Times Best Sellers.

Pastor Todd told ABC Audio his mission with writing the book — a novel he expressed to God wasn’t the “sexy” next project he initially had in mind — is to help people understand “how to not let your trauma define you, but let that trauma turn into triumph in your life.”

“It was to show people how to take bad situations, hurtful situations, damaging things in other people’s mind, and use them to be able to propel you towards destiny,” he said.

His series of theology-based guides grew out of his long desire and calling to help his generation by way of ministry and testimony.

“I started to think about all the dumb stuff I did and I started to think about all the moments where I wish somebody would have been real with me,” he said.

So, Pastor Todd became the example he’d once wish for and began writing his “real talk,” “no speculation” books. 

While there may be a long list of key messages from his latest publication, the main takeaway Pastor Todd would like readers to gain: “What’s not transformed is transferred.”

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