Papoose clears up his initial statements about Remy Ma’s pregnancy

As previously reported, Papoose revealed he and his wife Remy Ma were expecting baby #2. 

But during a recent interview, reported by Hollywood Unlocked, the rapper said he spoke prematurely and explained the couple’s second go-around with in-vitro fertilization.

“Due to the situation that my wife had, she was unable to have birth the natural way like everyone else does so we had to do a process called in vitro,” Papoose shared. “Within that in vitro process, there are necessary steps that we have to take for us to have a baby.”

He continued, “At the time when I made that announcement, my wife woke up one day and said ‘Hey, I’m ready now since it’s COVID and we’re locked in. I don’t think it’s going to stop me from working. Let’s do it."”

The father of five said he was so “excited” at the idea of becoming a father again, that he opened his “big mouth.” 

“When we started the procedure, I was so excited I opened my big mouth and I said something about it and people not knowing how the procedure goes, that there are steps you have to take, they took it as she was already carrying our child,” he explained.

The IVF process is “on hold for now,” according to Papoose, as he waits for when Remy is ready to go through the process again.

“She’s the one who has to carry that baby for months. She has to deliver it,” he added. “So, it’s ultimately up to her. I’m just being a supportive, excited husband.”

Remy and Papoose went through the IVF process the first time for the birth of their now one-year-old daughter, Reminisce Mackenzie, in December 2018, whom they refer to as the “Golden Child.”

By Rachel George
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