Now that shes a mom, Rihanna regrets hitting the red carpet with her “panties out”

Over the years, Rihanna has worn her share of stunning red carpet looks — and her share of extremely racy looks, as well. But now that she’s a mother of two, Rih says she’s experiencing some regrets over that.

For a TikTok posted by Vogue, Rihanna was asked if she had any “fashion icks.” The Fenty mogul replied, “It’s gonna sound hypocritical, ’cause I did so much s*** in my life. I had my nipples out, I had my panties out.”

“But now those are the things, I guess, as a mom, and as an evolved young lady — young! Emphasis on young! — they’re just things that I feel that I would never do,” she continued. “And I’m just like, ‘Oh my God, I really did that? Nips out?’”

Rihanna was also asked if she had a favorite Met Gala look. She chose her 2015 look, which featured a massive yellow, fur-trimmed, embroidered cape made by a Chinese woman named Guo Pei to go along with the theme of China: Through the Looking Glass. 

Describing it as a “fur stole that went all the way down the stairs,” Rihanna smiled, “Nobody will ever forget that.”

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