Mulatto considers changing her stage name: “[It’s] not worth it anymore”

In her breakout year, Atlanta rapper Mulatto is considering changing her name after social media fans deemed it inappropriate. 

In an interview with HotNewHipHop, the rapper said the change was brought about considering “the state of the world” and after marching on the “frontlines” of protests for “police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“To me, you get to a point where [the name] is not worth it anymore,” said Mulatto. “[It’s like] Your intention is kind of being misinterpreted. So it’s like you’ve got to self reflect and go back to the drawing board. I don’t know my final decision yet, but I’m definitely at the drawing board right now for sure.”

She explained, “I’m listening as an artist, as a creative, but not even just that. As a woman, as someone who lives in these communities that are affected by matters like that or problems that my daddy and my uncles experienced firsthand.”

The 21-year old, born Alyssa Michelle, began using the stage name long before winning Jermaine Dupri’s The Rap Game in 2016 as “Miss Mulatto.” The term reflects the rapper’s biracial background as the daughter of a Black father and white mother, to flip the term’s historically offensive nature. 

“As an artist that’s this established so far– and I’ve been doing this for so long– they don’t know how big of a step it is to even be considering it,”  said the rapper who earned her first Billboard Hot 100 placement for “[Queen] from the Souf.”

“I’ll never want to erase my come up, but you got to also move forward,” she told HNHH. “So I think, yeah, people will always know me as Mulatto, but like, the more aware and mature me will probably have a different name.”

By Rachel George
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