‘MTV’s Family Legacy’ star Tron Austin talks touring with TLC, new music and more

Tron Austin is one of many celebrity children featured in MTV’s Family Legacy. The only son of TLC‘s Chilli and music producer Dallas Austin, Tron revisits moments from his mother’s career and the tours he tagged along for.

“Growing up, I would always be on the tours whenever I get out of school and just be out there for the summer,” he tells ABC Audio.

But now that he’s joining TLC’s tour as a dummer, he sees another side to the tour crew: “They’re very nice and stuff to the fans and their family, but when it’s time to work, it’s just like football coaches or something … it’s like it just turned into straight military style.”

Tron says he’s grateful for that experience because it taught him the difference between a work and family environment, adding, “you got to know how to turn it on and turn it off at the right times.”

He says seeing people from city to city show love to the person who made dinner, spending time on the tour buses and waking up in different cities inspired him to become an artist. 

Tron completed his first album while at Full Sail University, intentionally doing so without the help of his parents. He says he “wanted to let them know how serious I was about this and that with or without them, I was going to. I can make it happen.”

He’s since released other music, including “150.” A new video for the song sees him and his engineer play valets who, like other workers in the clip, are “working in these jobs they don’t really want to be in.” The concept of the video is to live whatever life you want. Tron says it’s one of his favorites “in the sense of the creation part.”

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