Missy Elliott reveals the true meaning behind Tweet’s iconic single “Oops (Oh My)”

Missy Elliott has officially cleared up the meaning behind Tweet’s hit single “Oops (Oh My).”

While responding to fans on Twitters, the Grammy-winning hitmaker revealed the song was never about masturbation, despite its vulgar lyrics. 

“#Funfact this song was never bout masturbation it was always about her appreciating her dark skin (self-love) when she looked in the mirror,” tweeted Missy. “It was the listeners that thought it was about sex & just ran with it… & we just let the consumers mind create what they wanted.”

It was lyrics like: “Mmm, I was looking so good, I couldn’t reject myself / I was feeling so good, I had to touch myself” and “I was eyeing my thighs, butter pecan brown” that led fans to believe the song had a specific sexual undertone. 

After Missy’s explanation, Twitter fans began calling Missy a “legend” for her songwriting skills. 

“It’s that clever [C]ancer songwriting,” wrote singer/songwriter Jessie Woo, who shares the same birthday week in July with Elliott. Another fan wrote, “Regardless, it was a bop, Melissa.”

Missy and Timbaland produced a world-class hit with Tweet’s “Oops (Oh My)” in 2002. The song topped Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip Hop songs chart and peaked at #7 on the Hot 100 song chart. It was also featured on Tweet’s critically-acclaimed debut album, Southern Hummingbird.

By Rachel George
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