Mike WiLL Made-It and Swae Lee urge fans to wear a seatbelt after horrific crash

Mike WiLL Made-It and Swae Lee say they are lucky to be alive following a crash that could have been deadly had they not been wearing their seatbelts.

The “On the Come Up” rapper, real name Michael Len Williams II, shared images of his mangled luxury sports car on Friday and explained why the wreck was a major wake up call for the both of them.

Writing in capital letters, Williams noted, “Me & Swae Willy Made-It out this MF alive w [sic] just a couple bruises, thank you god.”

The Grammy winner said that the two “could have been dead easily” as the photos provided an unflinching look at the severity of the crash.

The windshield was sliced-open in front of the driver’s seat and the battered front left of the vehicle missing. In addition, the driver and passenger-side airbags were deployed.

“I’m paying attention to all the signs, 2021 we turning lemons to lemonade all year,” added Williams.  “We here for a reason.”

In a separate post, the 31-year-old record producer offered more insight into what caused the crash by writing, “[You] have to heat up the tires on the Rari before driving it in the cold for the traction to work properly.”

Williams continued, “The 812 is like a stick of dynamite inside of a coke can on ice skates while driving in the cold, u can easily lose all control at any given moment…”  

As for Swae, the 27-year-old “Sunflower” singer took to Twitter on Saturday with his own safety advice for fans, which was far more blunt.

“[Screw] looking cool click that seatbelt,” he tweeted.

By Megan Stone
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