Microphone Cardi B threw at concertgoer up for auction

Hey, music fans, have you heard about the latest celebrity memorabilia up for grabs? Cardi B‘s infamous flying microphone from her Las Vegas concert is now on auction on eBay, and the bids are going wild!

The microphone, which reportedly belongs to an audio production company owned by Scott Fisher in Vegas, caught everyone’s attention when Cardi flung it at a concertgoer who decided to drench her with their drink. But don’t worry, the mic is still in good working condition, despite its airborne adventure.

Fisher decided to put it up for auction and generously donate the profits to two worthy causes: the Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle of Las Vegas, supporting military veterans and young people with disabilities.

As of Wednesday evening, the bidding had reached a jaw-dropping $99,300! 

While the concertgoer who was hit by the microphone reported the incident to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, no arrests or citations have been made. 

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