Michelle Williams shares audio of “group chat” with Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland

It’s a Destiny’s Child Reunion! 

On Wednesday, Michelle Williams shared audio clips from a “group chat” with fellow Destiny’s Childmembers Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland

“Look who checked in with me yesterday with me! The only time we’ll let y’all eavesdrop on our group chats,” Williams wrote on Instagram. 

In one clip, Beyoncé and Rowland praised the release of Williams’ new book, Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life – and Can Save Yours, with Kelly saying, “We’re so proud of you, Mimi.”

Beyoncé added, “You are so inspirational for both of us, and we just love watching you become exactly who you are, and the world sees your impact and wisdom and your beautiful advice and your discernment. We’re just so proud of you.”

In another clip, Williams said she was being more intentional about checking in with loved ones during the pandemic and shared that Rowland was making soup.

“B, are you making some musical soup?” to which Beyoncé responds: “I’m cooking some music. That’s Chef Boyardee and Chef Boy-Kelly.”

Williams captioned the clip, “Checking In Group Chat. Everybody’s in the ‘kitchen!” which also featured a cover photo of the singing trio posing with Rowland’s newborn son Noah Jon.

In a third clip, the ladies gushed over their 20-year friendship with Beyoncé adding, “It’s 20 years. It ain’t going nowhere.”

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