Michael Ealy says “a lot of trust” made him sign on to Deon Taylor’s latest thriller ‘Fatale’

Michael Ealy says “trust” was a major factor when he signed on to work with Deon Taylor again for his latest thriller Fatale.

“I think with Deon and I — part of the joy of coming back together was… building on what we already established with [2019’s] The Intruder,” Ealy tells ABC Audio. “And that’s exactly what happened. I think we were able to learn to trust each other more… when it comes to different material.”

In the film, Ealy stars as Derrick Tyler, a sports agent who becomes the target of a troubled police detective, played by Hilary Swank. Ealy says that while both of Deon’s thrillers offer plenty of suspense and mystery, there are some noticeable differences between the two.

“I think the tone of [Fatale] is a lot more dark than The Intruder,” Ealy says. “And in a lot of ways, I had to trust that Deon was going to be able to sustain that tone throughout the film. And obviously, as a character, I had to go much darker than my last character in The Intruder.”

So with two heart pounding thrillers now under Ealy’s belt thanks to Taylor, the Think Like a Man actor says he’s definitely open for more.

“There was a lot of trust involved and ultimately I think we came together and we found an incredible balance,” he says. “And, you know what they say, ‘three’s the charm."” 

Fatale, also starring Mike Colter, is available in select theaters.

By Candice Williams
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