Lil Durk reveals he went to rehab so he could be a “better man, a better father, a better leader”

Lil Durk is working on being a better man, so much so he went to rehab. Speaking to TMZ, he revealed he sought help for his addiction to lean and Xanax.

“It helped me a lot. I want people to not run from it or be shy from it. It was tough at first but it ain’t that tough ’cause I really knew what I wanted. I knew what was holding me back,” he said.

“I wanted better. I wanted to be a better man, a better father, a better leader,” he said of his decision to go to rehab. “I’m thinking clearer. My main goal is peace, being with the family and staying out of bulls***.”

Durk says prior to rehab he “was moving fast, making excuses. I was letting the drugs take over me — like the codeine, Xanax. But it don’t make me.”

Now, however, he’s focused on “staying on the right track and trying to change a lot of lives.”

“This for the youth or the older people who wanna do better and feel like they embarrassed or like people gonna talk about them,” Durk said, adding he plans on building a rehabilitation facility in his hometown of Chicago to help other recovering addicts.

“I know what it did for me,” he said. “I know it could help a lot of people.”

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