Kirk Franklin takes us to church in NPR’s Tiny Desk At-Home performance

Get up and get inspired with gospel giant Kirk Franklin in the latest “At-Home” Tiny Desk concert from NPR, in honor of Black History Month.

Joined by his powerhouse choir and live band, Franklin set up shop in the corner of his Uncle Jessie’s Kitchen studio in Arlington, Texas. But it wouldn’t be a typical Kirk Franklin performance if he did not offer words of encouragement, while cracking a few jokes between songs.

“I know you’re at home right now, sitting in your drawers, listening to some Jesus music. It’s OK. Jesus loves you in your drawers,” said Franklin. “Those are your drawers…didn’t he bless you with them drawers.”

Uncle Jessie’s was named after Franklin’s long time close friend and features a large photo of the “I AM A MAN” protest signs from the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike on the wall.

With his jubilant energy, the multi-Grammy winning singer took us through his nearly 30-year career of revolutionary gospel music performing songs like 2019’s “Love Theory,” 2011’s “I Smile,” and ’90s classics such as “Silver and Gold” and “Melodies From Heaven.”

Kirk Franklin is highly regarded for incorporating his love of gospel with hip hop music, having worked with artists such as Salt from Salt-N-Pepa, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, and more. 

By Rachel George
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